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Your real French Baguette

    With our secret recipe, it tastes like in France

we are

the second oldest French bakery in Vancouver

Founded in 2009 in our West Broadway location, we are one of the very rare true French Bakery in Vancouver. We are artisans, and our products show the world famous French way of baking. Handmade, homemade, freshly and daily baked, we provided the very best baguettes, breakfast and cold pastries. We show the highest respect to our customers, that’s why our products are 100% made by us, our coffee organic and fair trade and in one word : delicious.

Jean-Baptiste Lasaygues



Did you know the croissants were introduced in France by Queen Marie-Antoinette? It was originally an Austrian pastry made to celebrate the defeat of the Ottomans during the siege of Wien in 1683.
The French bakers improved the original recipe by adding a very little percentage of sugar and a better quality of butter in order to make the quality you know nowadays.


A simple tasty white bread. The true baguette is suppose to be slightly crunchy outside, soft and airy inside, with different size of alveolus inside, made by the yeast during the proofing process.
Our name is Baguette, and ours is one of the best one you will find in our city

King's Cake / Galette des rois

January, it's tranditionnaly King's cake time in France. You may have a chance to find our special charm in one of the cakes, and win 100$ in products in our shops.


The chocolate croissants are the best and my favourite treat!

Patrick Jakubowski

If your ever in Vancouver don't miss this eatery. The food is to die for and so is the Barista in the location at Davie and Thurlow!!! The Americano is well Heaven and the plain croissant. If you dare try everything else!

Don Hann

All good; Will always be your fan


We love your place… Yummy

Jon Mahoney


Our bakers are passionate peoples. They have been trained in France, sometimes since their teenage years, and worked in different bakery before choosing to move in Canada, attracted by the beauty of the country and the kindness of the inhabitants, and of course, by a new challenge!
Working with a totally new kind of flour, a very different butter, even another weight system... It’s our challenge and our pride to be able to make our products tasting “like in France” for the Vancouverites.