We are French, but all kind of nationality is working in our places!

Unfortunately, since we are artisan, we cannot ensure there is no traces of the allergenic substances in our product. Our pots, kitchenware and tools maybe used in all kind of different recipes, so if you are seriously allergic, you should not eat our products.

Yes we do, however we require a payment when the order is made

The only catering deliveries we are making are for catering customers (ordering once or twice a month) taking over 100$ of products, with a 3 days notice minimum.

Sometimes, we are making gluten free seasonal products, but most of the time, we aren’t.

The only custom made products we can do are variations of our regular products (size, shape, writing...). If you are a wholesale customer, please contact us and we will work on it.

There is no specific kind of flour. The strength, toughness, humidity and the other specs are changing depending of the season, the heat and all kind of parameters. An answer given today will be outdated tomorrow. Our consistency is essential, and we adapt our product regarding the spec of our flour.